About NICU Tools

So who designs these calculators, who tests their accuracy, and where are they in use.

Michael Hewson
Michael Hewson is a Registered Medical Practitioner currently in practise as a Consultant Neonatologist at Wellington Hospital, in Wellington, New Zealand. He has an interest in the use of web technology for both teaching and as a cot-side tool to aid clinical practice.

Paul Hewson
Paul is a web developer by trade. He has been happy to offer his services in producing this site and the calculators designed and tested by his brother Michael.

Peter Rombel
Peter is our Mobile device programmer for Nicutools. An IT consultant by trade who enjoys programming in his spare time.

Also thanks to ...

  • Rob Fisher who produced our wonderful NICU Tools logo.
  • David Boyd who completed the development of our logo and provided other useful ideas on improving the look of our site.

    Nicutools does not host or receive any funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.

    The modest costs of running this website are fully met by Paul Hewson & Michael Hewson

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